A non-traditional theme for a non-traditional couple! Considering that some couples draw their inspiration from a favourite romantic comedy or love story, there’s no reason why you can’t have a wedding theme that’s based on your all-time favourite sci-fi movie.

The key to this theme lies in technology, so it’s important to really go out of your way to find all the latest lights and gadgets to really blow your guests away. Whether Star Wars was the first movie you watched together or whether it’s that one common interest that first made you fall in love with one another, these ideas are sure to float your spaceship:

  • Choose theme colours inspired by the movie – for instance, combinations of white, black and deep blue with touches of gold and silver.
  • Serve space-inspired drinks and shooters in shades of bright blue, neon green and toxic red.
  • Decorate the venue ceiling and trees with stars and paper streamers that are reminiscent of laser beams.
  • ‘n Photo booth is the perfect way to get guests actively involved, so ensure that there’s plenty of Star Wars outfits, masks and props for them to get quirky with.
  • Decorate the wedding cake with Luke and Leia cake toppers, as well as a variety of candy “buttons” and “lights” inspired by one of the spaceships.
  • Lighting will play a dominant part in the success of this theme, so consider flashing dance lights, laser beams, LED tiles, floor projections and so forth.
  • Use the signature Star Wars typeface for your wedding invitations and other stationery elements.
  • Instead of confetti, have your guests line up with their “light sabers” to stand guard as you leave the ceremony venue.
  • Complete your bridal look with unusually striking make-up as well as Princess Leia’s signature hairstyle.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest