stars wedding theme

The keyword for this theme is “sparkle”, so the idea is to douse everyone and everything – from guests and bridesmaids to wedding venue and cake – in glitter and bling. Opt for plenty of sequins, glass and crystal ware, and don’t skimp on lighting, regardless of whether you opt for twinkling ceiling lights and glitter balls, or a bucketful of fairy lights and votive star candles. Then again, if it’s summertime and the weather is fine, a ceremony or reception under the stars is first prize!

Here are more dazzling ideas that’ll make your eyes light up:

  • Scatter star-shaped sequins on the tables and on the floor, and use it to decorate the various stationery pieces.
  • Incorporate wooden- or Perspex stars into the wedding décor, which can be dangled from the walls, trees, chandeliers and ceilings.
  • Decorate the wedding cake with fondant, chocolate or edible glitter stars, and fill the dessert table with star-shaped cookies. Alternatively suspend the star-shaped cookies from the chandeliers which guests can take home at the end of the evening.
  • Instead of confetti, have your guests light up the night sky with sparklers or ask them to stand around the dance floor for your first dance.
  • As a symbolic gesture, name a star after your hubby and present the certificate to him at the wedding.
  • Turn the aisle or dance floor into the Hollywood Walk of Fame and name a star after each of the honorary guests.
  • Add plenty of shiny frosting to your wedding ensemble – diamonds, sapphires and silver – or opt for star-inspired jewellery and hair accessories.

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