surfer wedding theme

If surfing the waves and frolicking in the deep end is what your and hubby-to-be’s lives revolve around, it stands to reason that your favourite pastime should somehow feature in the biggest day of your life. Aside from the ocean-inspired décor, the key to pulling off a surfer themed wedding is getting the vibe just right – relaxed and laid-back to the max. Here are a couple of ways to achieve just that:

  • Set the mood with the melodic tunes of Jamaican steel drums, beach band or a simple ukulele, and the tranquil sounds of running water. If a beach wedding is out of the question, decorate the venue with water features and mini aquariums.
  • Incorporate plenty of shells, sea sand and beach pebbles into the décor and stationery elements of the day – for instance, vases filled with sand and candles, and beach pebbles as wishing stones.
  • Use surfboards to construct cake and dessert tables, or simply to decorate the venue walls and ceiling.
  • Ask guest to write their well wishes on a decorated surfboard or use a surf board for your table plan.
  • In terms of flowers, think island style – hibiscus, frangipanis, palm leaves and lilies.
  • Textures and materials that complement the theme include burlap, rough driftwood, nautical nets and bamboo.
  • With regards to your bridal gown, opt for a simple yet flowing creation, something short or a hippie style crocheted dress, completed with soleless raffia shoes.
  • For the guys, opt for board shorts that match the colour scheme or light beige suits with open-collared shirts for a laid-back look.

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