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Terrific T-Rex { Quirky Theme }


The T-rex might be considered extinct in the science world, but in the world of internet memes and décor he is very much alive! With his small arms, the once blood-thirsty T-rex has become known for wanting to hug everyone around him and spread a little love. So what better reason do you need to invite him to a loved filled celebration like your wedding day?

One of the most affordable solutions to incorporating T-rex figurines into your décor is by visiting your local toy store and buying a whole lot of plastic dinosaurs. Armed with a can of spray paint in any colour of your choice, you can change them into stylish décor pieces that match your wedding colour scheme.

  • Glue a simple brooch pin to the back of a mini plastic T-rex figurine to make your very own boutonnieres.
  • Place larger ceramic or plastic painted T-rex figurines in between the floral arrangements on the guest tables.
  • Incorporate the dinosaur skin and scale texture into your various fabrics and stationery designs.
  • Dress two T-rex toys as bride and groom, and use them as cake toppers.
  • Have quirky T-rex cartoons printed on your stationery as well as cushions and napkins.
  • Serve T-rex shaped sugar biscuits, as well as dinosaur paw-shaped delights.
  • Use T-rex paw prints on the ground to direct guests to important areas and amenities.
  • Complete your own bridal ensemble with T-rex inspired custom made gold or silver jewellery.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest