Whether you were a girl scout or not, there’s simply no denying the fact that knots are incredibly intriguing. Not only are they fun and interesting to learn, the knot itself has a rich historic background and one could spend days researching the many meanings of the various knots. What you should know however, is that the knot is an ancient heraldic symbol of longevity, commitment, and permanence – practically a symbol for everything that is marriage.

The Celtic knot is probably one of the more well-known knots and the intricate and beautiful pattern is especially favoured by just about every type of designer. Interestingly enough the Celtic knot is also known as “the endless knot”, making it the perfect design for your wedding bands and other wedding appliqué.

  • Jewellery designers in particular are practically obsessed with knots so you certainly won’t have to search too far to find exquisite knot-inspired pieces for your big day. Then again, it’s never a bad idea to try your own hand at a little jewellery designing: Try creating a simple yarn friendship bracelet for each of your bridesmaids and tying a knot in the bracelet for each year you’ve known each other.
  • Instead of the traditional floral boutonnière, a short piece of rope tied into an interesting knot can be incredibly eye-catching. On the girls’ side, tie each bouquet with a thick length of fishermen’s rope instead of a ribbon as a way of building on the theme and dazzling your guests.
  • At the ceremony, let the officiant tie your right hand to your husband’s left after you’ve exchanged rings, as a symbol of your eternal unity. If you’re both humorous beings, catch your fiancé unaware by tying a simple knot around your left ring finger. Before he can then slip the ring onto your finger and claim the hand of his fair maiden, he must first prove his worth by untangling the knot.
  • Instead of the traditional guest favour, give your guests something that’ll really keep them busy while the two of you are off snapping photos: A knotty brain teaser, or a piece of rope and instructions on how to create the various knots.
  • Research the different knots and, instead of a table number, allocate a knot to each table. On the place mats, print instructions on how to create that particular knot and perhaps print the history and symbolism of the knot on the back of the menu – just an added little trivia guests might appreciate. Try to also incorporate the knot design into your stationery and place settings to tie all the elements together. Excuse the pun.

Of course, the knotting and tying concept doesn’t necessarily have to stop at the reception – let’s not forget the honeymoon and wedding night… nudge-nudge wink-wink.


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