blueberry wedding ideas

Some of us are obsessed with the taste of it, others love the colour and the rest (like us) just love ‘em for all their juicy and natural glory. Blueberries are one of summer’s greatest treats and while they might not be too friendly on a crisp white wedding dress, they certainly are on the figure.

Whether you’re having an early morning brunch affair or a sunset wedding celebration, blueberries add a natural sense of enchantment and forest whimsy to the occasion. Here are a couple of fresh ideas for incorporating fresh berries into the wedding day:

  • Place large bowls or vases of blueberries on the tables to serve as decoration as well as for guests to nibble on.
  • Incorporate the rich navy tones of the blueberry into the overall colour scheme of the event.
  • Serve all kinds of blueberry delights such as blueberry cheesecake, blueberry muffins and blueberry sorbet, to name but a few.
  • We love the idea of freshly picked blueberry branches – idea vase or bouquet fillers and lovely table decorations!
  • Thread blueberries onto fishing line and string it in and around the wedding venue – for instance along the walls, over the dessert table or around the wedding cake.
  • After the ceremony, refresh your guests with blueberry juice or lemonade with fresh blueberries swimming in the glass.
  • For the guest favours, blueberry treats are always a lovely treat and so are cute little cans, baskets or containers of fresh blueberries. Another alternative is to send each guest home with a blueberry seedling to plant in the garden!

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