Winter does not ever have to be dreary and dull. It is a time of rain (maybe even snow), beautiful muted greys and blues as well as an entire spectrum of comfort foods. If your wedding is scheduled to take place in winter, make the most of these enchanting conditions to create a winter wonderland for you and your guests to enjoy.

Bear in mind that the weather may not allow for traditional photographs. So, scrap tradition and be creative. Pose under bus shelters, in the car with the windscreen wipers going furiously, under a raincoat that you share, and so on. In addition, ensure that your venue is warm and dry, and that there is provision for nearby parking, umbrellas for the guests as well as an area in which to leave wet coats and hats.

Here are some more great ideas for your winter wonderland wedding:

  • Instead of carrying bouquets down the aisle, carry colourful umbrellas. These will serve a dual purpose as fun props for your wedding photographs after the ceremony. Give each bridesmaid a different colour umbrella to add to the fun.
  • Wear colourful wellingtons under your dress to prevent your feet from getting cold and wet, and also to add a splash of colour to the affair.
  • Include a faux fur bolero or ballet wrap-around as part of your wedding dress design to prevent becoming too cold.
  • Use white confetti (paper, rose petals, polystyrene balls) to resemble snowflakes falling around you and your new spouse as you leave the ceremony.
  • To convey the feeling of snowy romance, use plenty of white in your dress and décor.
  • Serve hot chocolate, sherry and glühwein (hot, spicy red wine) as guests arrive to warm them up from the inside.
  • Create a menu of hot, comforting foods, such as butternut soup, lamb stew and hot malva pudding with warm custard, for example.
  • Provide knee blankets on the chairs of the venues so that guests can keep warm.
  • Try to find a venue that has one or more fireplaces to create a really warm, inviting ambience.
  • Consider giving out mittens, Mohair socks or beanies as guest favours.

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