Wheat has an almost wholesome warmth about it that instantly reminds one of freshly baked bread and textures like burlap and cotton. If you’re a farm girl at heart, a wheat theme wedding should be right up your alley:

  • Choose wheat as the main colour in your colour scheme, and pair it with soft shades of rose pink and pale green for an earthy yet vintage look and feel.
  • Line the wedding aisle with tall wheat sheaves and place them around the edges of the dance floor.
  • Hang wheat, vines and fresh long-stemmed flowers from the ceiling to create interesting floating décor pieces.
  • Serve a selection of wheaty treats, like freshly baked farm bread, granola and crackers with cheese.
  • Instead of traditional confetti, have your guests scatter wheat over your heads – the birds will love it too!
  • Have your wedding photos snapped in or next to a golden wheat field.
  • Incorporate wheat ears into your bridal bouquet and also the groomsmen’s boutonnieres.
  • Tie wheat ears around your napkins and also weave it around the chandeliers.
  • Scatter wheat down the wedding aisle as a symbol of prosper and fruitfulness.

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