You Mean the World to Me

By The Celebration Team 23 Mar, 2015

You Mean the World to Me

We’re talking globes – and not the kind that light up when you hit a switch! Generally found in geography classrooms and on dusty library shelves, the antique globe evokes quite a bit of nostalgia and hints at the great journey that you’re about to embark upon as husband and wife.

Collect globes of all shapes and sizes and get to work:

  • Put them to use as table centrepieces! If they’re already quite old, consider making a hole in the side and arranging some flowers in the actual globe.
  • Drill holes in the globe and place a candle or a light fitting in its belly for a stunning lighting focal piece.
  • Use a globe as alternative guest book and supply your guests with a selection of markers to write their happy notes with.
  • Play around with a globe during your photoshoot, taking the time to reminisce about all the places you want to see together.
  • Hang globes from the ceiling and use mini globes as place settings or guest favours.
  • Wrap round chocolate truffles in green and blue foil (or specially printed globe designs) to really bring the theme full circle.
  • Finally, complement the globe theme by using bit of old maps throughout the wedding as part of your stationery elements.

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