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Think Different! { Unusual Venues }


Chapels and ballrooms aren’t for everyone! So today we’re looking at a couple of unusual out-of-the-box venues that’s bound to take your guests’ breath away. When choosing a unique venue it is important to keep both yours and your future husband’s personalities in mind.

What’s more, think practical! If you do not like the ocean, do not have your wedding near the sea. If you do not like the outdoors, do not have your wedding under the trees – simple as that! In other words, don’t choose a venue simply because it’s outrageous.

Now let’s get on to the list of highly unique venues worth considering for your wedding day (if it’s close to you, of course):

  • Near a volcano
  • In a cave
  • In an aquarium with the fishy scene as your backdrop
  • In a hot air balloon
  • On a rollercoaster
  • On the scoring line of a rugby field or on a cricket pitch
  • In or under a tree
  • In the middle of a street
  • In or outside a castle
  • In a small boat on a lake
  • In your parents’ living room
  • On the edge of a cliff
  • In an art gallery
  • On a race track
  • In a museum
  • In a zoo
  • In an ancient country
  • On a pirate ship
  • On a cruise ship
  • On a bridge
  • In a cable car
  • In a shopping centre

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