wedding hangers

While your dress hanger and his coat hanger isn’t exactly something that guests will have the courtesy of seeing, you can bet your lacy garter that it will show up somewhere in your pre-dress-up wedding pictures. We firmly believe that perfection lies in the details and no photo opportunity should be wasted, so don’t just grab the first and best hanger out of the closet! Set aside some time to go hanger shopping – don’t worry, it’s more riveting than it sounds.

These days, custom made hangers can be found at just about any craft market and in many cases they can be ordered through the wedding designer. While there are many options available out there – stencilling, carving and engraving – nothing should stop you from turning this into a nifty little DIY project:

  • Wrap the hanger in soft lace or adorn it with sparkling embellishments that complement the dress that will be hanging off its arms.
  • Use a thick piece of wire and a pair of pliers to bend the wire into letters and numbers, whether it be your wedding date or monograms. Then, simply attach the wire to the bottom of a standard coat hanger.
  • Decorate the hanger in a way that matches the theme of your day – for instance paint it according to your colour scheme, sand it down ever so slightly for a rustic look or wrap it in black lace for a burlesque feel.
  • Write each bridesmaid’s name on her dress hanger so that there’s no confusion and get the photographer to grab a pretty little snapshot.
  • Have a wooden hanger engraved with your names, monograms or wedding date.
  • Use vinyl letter stickers or scrabble tiles to encrypt the hanger with your soon-to-be surname, or use vinyl emoticons (such as moustaches, lips, smileys, flowers or stars) to convey your sense of joy.
  • Don’t forget about hubby’s suit hanger and that of his groomsmen! Something as simple as “The Groom” is enough to mark your “territory”.
  • Make it extra special by personalising each other’s coat hangers with words of love, even if it’s as simple as attaching a post-it to the framework.
  • If you’ve already practiced your new signature, brand your hanger with your new handwritten Mrs-status.
  • Hang a decorate detail around the “neck” of the hanger – examples include fabric hearts, a lavender pouch, paper flower, etc.

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