Oh-so (G)lovely! { 2016 Trends }

By The Celebration Team 12 Aug, 2015

Oh-so (G)lovely! { 2016 Trends }

No princess is fully dressed without her long white gloves. Considered the epitome of elegance, industry experts predict that white bridal gloves will be making a massive comeback in 2016. So let’s take a quick look at the many different gloves to prepare you for this new trend.

In terms of length, the two most popular styles are:

  • Wrist-length: Cute and playful yet with an old world character that works extraordinarily well with indie-style dresses and ankle-length tea gowns.
  • Elbow length: Sophisticated and elegant which means they go perfectly with heart-neck line dresses and princess ball gowns.

In terms of fabric, you’ll more than likely go for:

  • Satin gloves: A shiny fabric that works well for creating that desired princess look. Satin gloves also pair well with a more contemporary themed wedding, like a city-themed celebration.
  • Lace gloves: Feminine and nostalgic – works especially well with a vintage look or something a little more bohemian chick or inspired by forest fairies. If your dress is incredibly detailed, rather stick to a simple fabric or leave the gloves altogether.
  • Crocheted: If you thought lace said “vintage”, then you’re in for quite a surprise! Crocheted gloves are usually wrist-length with a pretty “collar” at the wrist side.

In terms of glove styles, you can look at:

  • Middle-finger gloves: Looped only around the middle finger, these gloves don't cover your hands and fingers but create the most beautiful triangular adornment on the back of your hand – very detailed and romantic.
  • Fingerless gloves: These gloves are usually made of lace and don't cover the fingers. They do however cover the palm and back of your hand drawing the eye to your long and slim fingers which really should be the centre of attention for obvious reasons.
  • Sleeve gloves: Reaching from your upper arm, elbow or lower arm, these gloves end at the wrist creating an interesting semi-sleeved effect.
  • Flared wrists: Whether it be wrist length gloves with a frill at the arm side, or a sleeve glove with the frill at the wrist side, flared wrists create the most magical and fairytale-like appearance. Don't wear these with a frilly gown though.

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