The veil is one of the few traditional wedding elements that are still relatively popular, even among modern brides. Traditionally used to cover the bride’s face until bound in matrimony, the veil has since become more of a Westernised style element that very few brides want to do without.

When it comes to choosing your veil, it’s not just as simple as picking the prettiest of the lot, but looking at your ensemble as a whole. The right veil is the one that takes your wedding outfit from ‘simply’ to guests mumbling “I wish I had chosen a dress like that”. In the end it all comes down to choosing the right length veil to go with the length of your wedding dress.

Cathedral length veils are the kind you usually see in fairy tale books, trailing behind the bride as she walks down the aisle. Many brides in the stories have bluebirds holding the delicate ends of her veil, but you might have to settle for an extra pair of hands. Because the veil is so elaborate, a short or flimsy dress will be overpowered by the sheer splendour of the veil, so only wear cathedral length if your dress can match up.

Floor length veils are often referred to as a ballet length veil. Designed to only brush the floor, this veil is well suited to a full length gown that doesn’t have a train. While it has all the style and drama of a cathedral length, a floor length veil is a lot easier to move in.

The fingertip veil is one of the more popular lengths as it just about matches any style of dress, except for ankle-length gowns. This length is especially flattering on tall brides, while shorter brides should stick to something shorter.

Elbow length veils are incredibly versatile in the sense that they match and complement any and every style of dress, whether it be vintage, contemporary, timeless or something in between. Elbow length also works well for both formal and informal style weddings as its long enough to be classy and short enough not to get in the way of any fun and games. Perfect for shorter brides.

Shoulder length is the shortest and probably most practical of them all. These veils have a playful air about them which makes them ideal for a morning wedding, outdoor affair or more informal casual occasion. The veil works well with simple or shorter gowns that are as fuss-free as the bride wearing it.

The birdcage veil may be tiny, but it certainly makes a big statement. Reminiscent of the 50s, this glamorous vintage accessory is a must for any timeless themed wedding. Whether you attach it to a dainty little hat or a fascinator, it’s bound to be a hit.

Veil alternatives:

  • Hats
  • Fascinators
  • Floral wreaths
  • Hair bands

Important note: When choosing a veil, decide where the focal point of your dress lies, and choose a veil that ends above or below it. Also ensure that the veil doesn’t cover the finer detail of your dress, or choose one in a semi-translucent fabric.

Take a look at these veils for some inspiration:


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