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Mint, Yellow, Cream & Grey Weddings


A while back we did a post on a Mint, Yellow and Gold colour scheme which is not all that different to this one, except of course that it is. While the gold definitely does something to glam up the soft colours, grey and cream have a softer, more vintage feel to it. Surprisingly this changes the entire look and feel of the colour scheme, clearly demonstrating what a significant difference the addition of a single accent colour can make.

What makes this theme so magnificent is the soft nature of the various colours, so try to keep everything about your big day light and airy – from the colour scheme to the ambience and the photo session. Also try to steer clear of bright over-polished silverware and jewellery as well as harsh colours like black which might interfere with the soft palette.

Gowns and Attire

  • Dress your bridesmaids in mint, yellow, cream of grey dresses, or consider dressing each one in a different colour and adding different coloured details to each gown, e.g. mint dress + yellow sash / yellow dress + grey sash / grey dress + cream sash / cream dress + mint sash.
  • Make sure you match the dress colour to each of your bridesmaids’ skin tone. A light skinned damsel for instance, won’t look too bright and perky in a muted grey dress.
  • Because each of these colours are so light, you can easily get away with wearing a wedding gown in either mint, pale yellow, grey or cream. Just make sure you reserve that colour so one of your guests or bridesmaids don’t end up wearing the same colour.
  • Alternatively, wear a white dress and jazz it up with fun pastel coloured jewellery (instead of gold or silver which, as mentioned before, is too harsh for the colour scheme).
  • Grey suits are very much in fashion for guys at the moment, while beige is excellent for a beach wedding. Choose the suit and brighten it up with bow ties, braces, socks and boutonnières in the remaining colours.

Delicious Décor

  • Place actual mints on the table and use actual lemons as table decorations, whether sliced open in vases of water or as place card holders.
  • If you’re wary of using too many colours on one table, choose two colours per table and alternate them to create an overall ensemble.
  • Combine mint coloured succulents with a grey undertone, like desert roses, with softer flowers like cream and yellow roses.
  • Either use cream of white as your base colour and add your yellow and mint elements bit by bit, with small touches of grey.

Eats and Treats

This yummy colour scheme is the perfect basis for an equally yummy dessert or candy table.

  • Mint, lemon and cream macaroons.
  • Cream coloured wedding cake with mint and yellow decoration.
  • Trio of peppermint crisp tartlets, lemon cheese cake or lemon meringue pie and cream puffs or mini cream cakes.
  • A lemon, mint and cream themed candy table. Alternatively, place vases of mixed hard candy on the tables as part of the centrepieces.
  • Steer clear of any grey coloured desserts – rather reserve this colour for the favour boxes or understated table décor.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest