The wedding theme colour combination of pink and lime is quite versatile, considering the many shades of pink that can be paired with lime. However, lime-green is, by nature, vibrant and fun. This shade of green gives your wedding the same sort of look and feel as a result. However, when paired with dusty pinks, baby pinks and plenty of white, the lime-green can be toned down for a more elegant, grand ambience. If you like the ideas of fun and funky, though, feel free to get adventurous with hot pink.

This is the perfect theme for brides and wedding planners that want to use flowers extensively, since so many beautiful flowers are pink with vibrant lime-green foliage. Therefore, it’s also great for outdoor or garden weddings, since so much of t he theme will be made up by the greenery around you.

In terms of your attire (especially in view of the gents in your entourage), try to keep your base colour neutral (taupe, grey, black or white) so that they are not draped in pink or lime. This is your groom’s big day too, and you want to be careful not to make him feel effeminate.

When choosing a colour theme for your wedding, make sure that you choose something that you feel reflects your own personality as well as that of your spouse-to-be. In addition, your colour theme should be chosen according to the time of day of your wedding as well as the style of your venue.

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