We live in a modern world where fewer and fewer couples are enticed by the idea of wedding gifts. Unfortunately, not all guests share this mindset, and older people might even get offended when you ask for money instead of gifts.

The real secret behind asking for cash is to honestly convey how very much it will mean to you as a couple. It’s also wise to decide well ahead of time what you will be spending the money on – whether it by your honeymoon, your new home, a dishwasher, or a nest egg – and then letting guests know so that they are satisfied that their gift will be put to good use.

There are several ways in which to convey the message that money would be the best gift:

  • Spread the message via word-of-mouth, even if it is in conjunction with some written request.
  • Drop hints during a conversation with your guests and convey your excitement as you tell them what you will spend it on.
  • Ask your close friends and family to spread the word so that it does not have to come from you.
  • At the wedding, set up wishing well or a piggy bank into which they can anonymously drop their money.
  • Choose romantic experiences that you want to enjoy on your honeymoon and then enable guests to contribute towards these.
  • Word it well! The internet is littered with cute quotes and wording to ask for cash in a quirky or subtle way.

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