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The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: Part 2

By now you’ve decided on a date and hopefully a venue. Congrats! It’s all downhill from here. If your mom or soon-to-be mother-in-law have been hounding you about colour schemes, themes and styles, just tell them you’re on it! And if you’re not sure what the difference between a wedding theme and style is, you’re not meant to. Event Affairs has come to the rescue and decoded the lingo, so that you can begin the process of designing and styling your event. Remember, you don’t have to do this alone. Event specialists live, eat and breath this stuff. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at any point, help is just a phone call away. The planning process can be incredibly challenging for brides who aren’t able to visualise the end product. Luckily you’ll have your co-ordinator by your side every step of the way.

With time ticking, let’s not delay. What exactly do we mean when it comes to conceptualising and designing an event?

Less than 12 months

The Theme

Before your hubby-to-be gets too excited, a theme doesn’t mean guests get to dress up! Well, they can if they want. But when an event specialist talks about the overall theme, you’ll hear words like: country, beach, city chic or romantic garden. The theme will guide you when it comes to the invites, menu design, cake and favours. We love how it gives the entire event a consistent look and feel. It also helps your co-ordinator when choosing or designing each element. Not sure what your theme should be? Let the venue guide you. If you’ve chosen a beach destination, I guess the theme is obvious. However, you can mix and match. What’s stopping you from having a rustic beach theme? It’s your wedding day and we say, make it completely personal. Don’t stress, your wedding co-ordinator has this covered.

The Style

Don’t freak out if you don’t immediately know what your style is. Spend some time looking online and chatting to your co-ordinator. This will help guide you to discover your style. Whether you are ultra-glam and love the finer things in life, or you’re simply a hopeless romantic, let it come through on your wedding day. We’ve seen brides who’ve wanted only the finest cutlery and most exclusive entertainment at their wedding. And then there have been brides who wanted a picnic style set-up, with their iPod playing their favourite tunes in the background. It’s all up to you.

The Colour Scheme

Eek! We get excited when it comes to choosing colours. This is why we’ve mentioned this last. Once your co-ordinator has booked your venue, finalised your theme and decided the route you want to take in terms of styling, now comes the fun part. A colour scheme should work well across the board. We’re talking about table settings, bridesmaids dresses, your man’s outfit, invites, the cake, you name it. And we’re definitely not suggesting everything should be matched. You’ll really start getting a picture in your mind of what your wedding day will look like once you’ve ticked these boxes. We’re getting excited for you!

Watch this space as our wedding checklist continues next month. You’re getting there, don’t stress!

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